Define Unique Button Style of Flash Flipping Book

If you're creating booklets, product list, big day greeting card or 3D magazine to promote your business, then you must make your digital publicity unique and different from other companies in order to attract the maximum attentions. Now Kvisoft page turning software has the outstanding feature to help you convert common files into distinctive page flipping eBooks. With it, you even can define unique button style of flash flipping book in a breeze(only for Kvisoft FlipBook Maker Pro 3.6.10 or older versions).

Let's view how to achieve the magic feature:

  1.   1. Navigate to Design button and click it
  2.   2. Click Advanced Setting tab
  3.   3. Turn to Button Style option and click it
  4.   4. Select a preferred button style
  5. Amazingly, there're 11 different types of button style, including funny baby, romantic blue style, Christmas features, heartwarming love and so forth. With these characteristic button styles, absolutely you can create an impressive digital flipping book from detail to detail.
  6.   5. Click blue tick icon on bottom left to apply button style setting
  7.   6. Preview selected button style. After defining button style, you'll soon can view the amazing buttons on right preview panel.

Besides you can define unique button style for output flash flipping ebook, you can also personalize the button layout swiftly. Just go ahead to create something special to attract your clients, you'll win in these details!

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