How to Customize Your Own Flash Slideshow Template

I want to create a special flash slideshow project, but built-in templates do not match with my photos. How to customize my own slideshow template? And save that template for further use without creating from beginning again? Can anybody help?

Did you ever meet above situation? Professional flash slideshow maker will let you free from that problem. Since it not only provides rich beautiful templates, but also the feature that allows users to custom their own slideshow template. Kvisoft Flash Slideshow Designer is exactly the best one. It includes a powerful Theme Designer to create your own template. 

Steps for customizing template:

1. Add New Theme.

Please click Customize Template button to create a new theme. Next, define Theme width and height. If you want to keep aspect ratio, please check the box. After click OK button, Kvisoft Flash Slideshow Theme Designer will show up.


2. Theme Design

In the slideshow theme designer, there are buttons on top. In the left side, there are settings for 4 elements of theme. You could define your own background color/image, player area frame, thumbnails layout, and control bar pattern. 

Please use Undo or Redo button to remove or retrieve edition you made. On the right panel, it is available to preview setting result. Size and position of above mentioned elements can be adjusted by dragging or rotating their frame which appear once you click it on right panel.


3. Template Project. 

To build a new project, please hit the New button. For opening saved theme project, please use the open button. If you want to save project of customized theme for continuous edition next time, please hit Save button to save designed theme project.

4. Output Theme. After setting complete Please click the Output button to define theme name and click OK button to save this customized theme. So that you can simply apply that custom template next time.


Want your flash slideshow outstanding from average? With this photo slideshow creator, no program skill is required for making stunning slideshow with your own stylish template.

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