How to Customize Preloader Style for My Flippingbook

Preloader is common to see when we're watching movies on YouTube, Vimeo and other sites. Usually, preloader is designed to inform audience that the content is successfully processed and it will need a while to get all files ready for great viewer experience. When you create flippingbooks in Kvisoft FlipBook Maker, you can also insert an innovative preloader to tell your viewers the successful loading and loading progress.

Once you successfully imported your document into Kvisoft FlipBook Maker which is a software can create HTML5 flipbook from PDF, a simple interface will appear from where you can preview flipbook and customize settings.

1. Go to Settings > Brand Settings > Preloader.
2. Open dropdown menu list of Type, you will see 15 built-in preloader styles, click Search icon to preview the free built-in preloaders one by one.
3. Click OK to apply the setting.
4. Click Preview to look the preloader effect.

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