Customize Button Language of Flipbook Reading Interface

"My PDF brochures are in French. After I converted them to flipping brochures, all the content is great in French. But the buttons on reading interface are all in English. It is inconvenient for my target audience. Any alternative for me to make flipping brochure of both French content and buttons?"

Similar questions can be solved easily with Kvisoft Flipbook Creator for Mac software. After you imported PDF brochures, you will be directed to the settings panel. Then please follow the below steps:


Go to Language

Click Language button, you will see Toolbar, Magazine, BookmarkBox, Bookmarks, Print, Thumbnail, Table of Contents, Zoom and etc listing on the panel. The language of these buttons and tooltip text can all be customized according to your requirements.
customize flipbook button language


Replace English with Required Language

Take replacing First Page with French "Première Page" for example:
a. Double click First Page
b. Enter Première Page
c. Then preview the customized button on right panel
preview custom button language

By following this way, you can customize the language of other buttons.

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