Customize Background Style of Flash Flipping Book on Mac

When publishing a digital book, how to make it more attractive? Gorgeous background will definitely make your publications outstanding. With flip book maker for Mac, you can drop boring, plain and average background, replacing with your own customized colorful, funny and dynamic background. This article will tell you how to customize background style for PDF flash eBook on Mac.

Kvisoft Flipbook Maker for Mac enables you 2 modes to customize background. One is color, the other one is image. Please go to Prop panel and Main Setting section.
main settings of background

1. Color Mode: use color as background

If you want single color, please select color and do not check box before second box. If you would like to combine to colors, please check second box and select second color. In the third drop-down menu, there are 3 choices for how these 2 colors combine.
a. Radial: Radiation of color is as circle shape from center to the surrounding.
b. Linear-h: Radiation of color is horizontally as line from left to right.
c. Linear-v: Radiation of color is vertically as line from top to bottom.

2. Image Mode: use image as background

Please click this glass icon to open our built-in backgrounds, including static and dynamic images. You could select the one you like. If there is no one you want, you also can import your own image from your computer. Please click this button  to import.
After imported image, you can set layout of image background. There are 3 choices, tile, center, and stretch. By adjusting the nearby slider bar, transparency of background can be changed.
When work was done, previewing is available on the right of software interface.
preview background of flipbook

Using correct tool is the key point to make your e-publications stylish. Go and get this PDF to flash flipbook Mac to create and customize your own PDF flash digital publication.

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