Customize and Save Own Flipbook Theme for Future Use

"Is there a way to make and save a custom flipping book theme for future use?"
This tutorial is only suitable for Kvisoft FlipBook Maker Pro 3.6.10 or other V3 versions. If you are using FlipBook Maker 4.0.0 or above version, please check this guide How to Save Own Settings as A FlipBook Theme in Version 4.

When making page flipping publications like ebook, magazine, brochure and so forth with digital flipbook software, you customized a satisfactory yet unique flipbook theme and wanna save the amazing theme for future use, so is there a way to make it? To be honest, the below guide is just right for you.

How to customize your own Flipbook Theme?
Before you customize flipbook theme and style, you should Add Files into Kvisoft flipbook maker pro for making flipbook, Edit flipbook pages, and then turn to Design option to begin theme customization:
Difference between template and theme:
There are four different templates including hardpage, landscape, openbook, and rightToleft. The four built-in templates mainly emphasize on flipbook functionality that users commonly used. However, the theme mainly refers to the appearance and pattern of flipbook.
1. If you want to select a functional flipbook, you can directly select one from built-in templates: go to Design -> choose template under the Category dropdown list -> click beloved template-> preview the template.

2. If you wanna choose flipbook style and look, you can directly select one flipbook theme from built-in themes: go to Design -> select theme under the Category dropdown list -> click beloved theme-> preview the flipbook style on right panel.

3. If there were no satisfactory template and stylized theme for you, easily you can turn to Advanced Setting to customize your own flipbook:

Take background customization for example:

1. Go to Advanced Setting
2. Open Main Settings dropdown list
3. Navigate to Background option

4. Select a background type: the first type is for designing solid-colored background, and the second is for choosing static or dynamic background image from built-in style.

5. Apply background setting by clicking blue tick icon on bottom left.
You can follow this way to do other settings one by one, and preview the custom theme on right panel.

How to save customized flipbook theme?

Through the feature-rich page flip book software is very easy-to-use, customizing flipbook theme may also take few minutes. So if you have designed a remarkable flipbook theme and want to preserve it for next-time use or future use, then you can:

Click File ->click Save As Theme->click OK to save flipbook theme->view saved theme under category dropdown list custom

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