How to Create Slideshow in Adobe Flash

It is a hard task to create a slideshow in Adobe Flash for those who have no any flash skill. You need learn how to use the Adobe Flash and make the slideshow with more options in it. If you find it is very difficult to do it, Kvisoft Slideshow Maker will be your best choice.Take a look at a flash slideshow created by Kvisoft Flash Slideshow Designer.

Now I will teach you how to make a simple slideshow in Adobe Flash with just three photos. Of course, you can create slideshow with more images. Below is the detailed tutorial to make the Adobe Flash slideshow.

How to Create an Easy Slideshow in Flash


Create new Flash document and create new layers

In Adobe Flash, select Flash File (Actionscript 3.0) from the Create New menu. Switch the workspace layout by selecting Designer. Change the size and color of the document by adjusting the settings in the Properties Panel.

Then create new layers. From the timeline panel, click the New Layer button until you have three layers. Double-click on each layer to rename it, name the layers starting from the bottom: Actions, Thumbnails, and Pictures.


Import photos for slideshow

Please go to the File location to hit Import tab, then select Import to Library.

Browse the pictures you want to import. You can select multiple pictures by holding on the Ctrl key. Once you've selected your images, hit Open. You will find the imported photos in the Library panel.


Create the thumbnail menu

Select the Thumbnails layer in the timeline, then drag one of the imported images onto the document. In Properties, you need click on the chain-link icon to resize the width and height values of pictures both to 100. Repeat this process for the remaining images so that they are in a row at the bottom of the document.


Convert the menu to buttons

Select the first image and hit the F8 key on the keyboard. Change the name to "btn1" and select the type button, then click OK. In the Properties panel, change the instance name to "button1".

Then select the next image from the menu and repeat the process, naming it "btn2" and "button2". Continue the process for each menu item.


Create a Photo display

From the timeline, select the Pictures layer. In Properties, change the name of this frame to "pic1".

Drag the image corresponding with the first menu item onto the stage. Resize it in the Properties panel, remembering to click on the chain-link icon to resize the width and height values. Move the image to the center of the document above the menu.


Insert frame and add the remaining images

In the timeline, right-click on the Thumbnails layer and select Insert Frame.

Then right-click on the Pictures layer and select Insert BLANK keyframe. In Properties, change the name of this frame to "pic2". Now drag the next image onto the document, resizing and centering it above the menu. Repeat this process for the remaining images, incrementing the frame names each time.


Write the ActionScript

In the timeline, select Actions layer and hit F9 to bring up the Actions panel. Then write down your ActionScript. To save your time, you just copy following code to the ActionScript window. But don’t forget to modify the names as your fact.



Go to the File location, and select the Publish Settings. Check on both the SWF and HTML boxes. To publish your slideshow, you need rename the SWF and HTML files and select a place to save.

Tip: To preview the document, you can go to Control and choose the Test Movie from the menu.

It is really a tough job to make a slide show in Adobe Flash. So you can choose the best slideshow software to do it easily in few minutes without any technical requirements.

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