How to Quick Create Slideshow from Built-in Template

When you have tons of photos waiting to be converted to flash, how to create slideshow very quickly? Built-in template provided by flash slideshow software will help you a lot. 

How to quick create slideshow from built-in template? This tutorial will show you details.
Things you need:
Kvisoft Flash Slideshow Designer, which provides abundant beautiful templates.

Steps to make slideshow from built-in template:

Step1. Open Kvisoft Flash Slideshow Designer, and import photos to the software. To add multiple photos at one time, please select them by holding Ctrl Key or Shift Key. To select all, please press Ctrl + A key.

Step2. After photos are loaded completely, it will auto jump to Template tab. There are numerous built-in templates, such as double thumb-down, carton, wedding, holiday, etc. They are sorted to 4 categories, All, General, Theme and Custom. Please just simply click template/theme thumbnails on left panel, then you can preview its result on right panel.


You could also hit the Download button on bottom of the template selection area, to download more templates from our website. We will update frequently to provide users more and more template resources for making beautiful flash slideshow.

After applied template, you could go ahead to publish. With built-in templates in photo slideshow maker, only a few clicks are needed. It will save a lot of time when creating flash slideshow.

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