How to Create Scrolling Flash Slideshow

"Is it possible to create a slideshow with scrolling thumbnails at the bottom?
When I upload more than seven regular-sized pictures and create a slideshow, it skips to the next line and soon turns into an unwanted grid of thumbnails. Without just reducing the size of the thumbnails, is there any way I could get them to scroll across to make more space? "

"Please let me know how to create auto scrolling slideshow. I'm very new to flash and have version MX. I am trying to create an auto scrolling filmstrip slideshow of images and haven't found the right tutorial. The slideshow would just move by itself and not be affected by the mouse whatsoever. "

Many people will have the same questions as above. Without doubt, creating scrolling photo slideshow is better than just presenting your original photos one by one. It will be more attractive. If you could create an auto scrolling slideshow with scrolling thumbnails that would be more amazing.
Luckily, you don't have to study complex programing skills, just use Flash photo slideshow software to help you, such tools provide a quick way to make slideshows with multiple built-in templates, like Flash Slideshow Designer. Take a look at the scrolling slideshow made by Flash Slideshow Designer.

Do you want to make such slideshow? Here are the steps for you.


Import files for the scrolling show

You could import photos, videos, online Flickr images, online YouTube videos, and music to the slideshow. Just click the quick import button to add your files.


Design your scrolling slideshow with template

There are multiple built-in slideshow templates with different subjects to help you make a professional slideshow in minutes, such as wedding slideshow templates, Christmas slideshow templates, baby slideshow templates, love slideshow templates and more. If you don't like the built-in templates, you could DIY one with the theme creator. With the theme creator, you can customize the background, play area, thumbnails, and control bar.

All these could help you make your desired scrolling slideshow in minutes.


Transition and motion setting

The transition effect is the highlight that could make your slideshow spark. Turn to Effect tab, you will see a lot of creative transition effects for you. Here is a tutorial about how to set transition for your slideshow. If you like to add motion to the photo slide, take a look at this guide how to apply motion to slide.


Publish your Flash scrolling slideshow

To make you scrolling slideshow playback endlessly, please tick the loop under the play options area. There are multiple publishing options for you, you can preview the slideshow before publishing and then publish photo slideshow to standalone SWF, HTML, EXE, App, Zip and screen Saver for embedding on website or enjoy slideshow on PC.
publish slideshow

Using Flash slideshow maker is the simplest way to make a professional scrolling slideshow. So, don't hesitate to choose slideshow software to make slideshow for you.

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