How to Create a HTML Slideshow

If you are looking for the HTML and JavaScript code or HTML generator for a photo slideshow, it is the right place to help you create the HTML slideshow for you website or blog. The slideshow code you can get on this online website: Or you just rewrite the HTML code for you to embed the slideshow on you website or blog.

But if you cannot understand the code, I'm very glad to introduce you Kvisoft Slideshow Creator Software which is an easy-to-use HTML Slideshow Generator.

With this HTML Slideshow Generator, you can build more stunning webpage for you website in few minutes. Then you need to know about how to use the digital slideshow software.

How to Create a HTML Slideshow Step by Step


Add files to HTML Slideshow Maker

You can import your photos, videos, online Flicker Images or YouTube videos for the HTML slideshow. Just run this flash slideshow program, and add files to create a slideshow.


Choose or Customize HTML Slideshow Template

After you go to the Template area, you will have two choices to make the flash slideshow: choose built-in templates and customize your own template. If you choose the former, you just double click to select your theme template. If not, you need design your own slideshow template on background, play area, thumbnails, and control bar with Kvisoft Flash Slideshow Theme Designer.


Set transition and motion for your slideshow.

To play your every image smoothly and naturally, please turn to Effect tab. There are 100+ flash effects for you to choose. You can do the transition and motion settings to beauty your photo slideshow. Then preview it on the right window.

By the way, you can add fresh music to make more wonderful slideshow.


Publish your HTML Slideshow for Website

Please go to the Publish location, and you just publish the slideshow as HTML. Then save it to put on your website or blog.

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