How to Create Animated GIF Slideshow

GIF is the abbreviation of Graphics Interchange Format that is a bitmap image format. It allows a separate palette of up to 256 colors for each frame. The GIF format is the only image format of supporting animation which can display different pictures one by one in short time. That is to say, animated GIF is just only a simple slideshow without transition effects and with fast speed.

The Adobe Photoshop can make the simple gif animation. But sometimes it is difficult and not convenient for those who have no any Photoshop experience. It is necessary to get one GIF slideshow maker for your PC. Kvisoft Slideshow Flash Maker is a windows GIF slideshow creator which can help you make longer animated GIF slideshows.

How to Make A GIF Slideshow with few Clicks


Get GIF images into this slideshow making software

You just need click Add File(s) to load your GIF pictures for creating GIF slideshow. The online Flicker GIFs could be imported to the GIF slideshow generator instantly.


Choose Your GIF Slideshow Template

The slideshow GIF maker provides some built-in flash templates for different uses to select, such as wedding, valentine, Christmas, travel and so on.

In the Template area, you just double click to choose your slideshow template and preview it on the right window. If there is no your favorite one, you can use the built-in theme designer to make your own animated slideshow template.


Apply Effects to Animated GIF Slideshow

After determining the template, please turn to the Effect position. Here you can find over 100 stunning effects for you to choose. The effects are divided into 2 categories: Transition and Motion. Just double click to choose effects between GIFs. Or you can apply effect to select Apply to all/All Radomize from the drop-down menu.

To create a vivid GIF slideshow, you should add nice music to your slideshow. Besides, the GIF making software allows you do some GIFs editing options, like rotate, crop, flip, add filter, insert into description and so on.


Publish your slideshow and share it with others

Turn to Publish location, and you can preview your flash slideshow by hitting the eye of the slideshow tool. When you’re pleased with your GIF slideshow, you just publish it for enjoyable.

If you want to share your slideshow with others, you can publish it as SWF or HTML. Then you can use swf player or browser to watch the slideshow with your family. If you would like the world to see your great-looking creation, you can upload it to your website or blog for sharing.

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