Create a Flipbook of Bookmarks on Mac

To locate to specific page when reading a large eBook with many pages, it will be a nightmare if there is no navigation like table of contents or bookmarks. How to make reading easier? With bookmark, you can get rid of that incubus. By using bookmark feature of flipbook creator Mac, you will find that it is exceedingly simple to add bookmark for your flipping ebooks.

For publisher, these steps can be followed to create bookmark for digital book or magazine:

Add bookmark in Mac flipbook software

1. Go to Bookmarks panel.
add bookmark for mac flipbook

2. There are 2 types for bookmark style: Tag Mode and Box Mode.
    Tag Mode, it will show tag next to the edge of page, like this: 
tag style bookmark
    Box Mode, there will be a box containing page thumbnails and all bookmark list. It shows up once readers click the bookmark button on navigation bar.
box style bookmark
3. Use the Add button to add bookmark. Please double click Title/Page/Color section to define name/linked page number/color of bookmark.
4. Use Insert/Delete button to insert a new bookmark, or delete added bookmark.

Directly add bookmark in outputted flipbook

After published flipbook, readers also can add their own bookmark by themselves. Following steps are needed for Tag Mode:
1. Go to the page where you want to add book mark.
2. Click bookmark button on navigation bar.
3. Type title, tooltip and select color.
insert bookmark to flipbook mac
4. Click OK button to save.
For Box mode, same steps to add bookmark without setting color and tooltip.

Note: The bookmarks created by publisher in Kvisoft PDF to SWF Converter Mac are not editable and deletable. However, bookmarks made by readers can be edited and deleted.

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