Convert WMV to FLV in Few Steps

"How to Convert WMV to FLV?" Numerous people asked the similiar question on internet. However, an easy solution is offered in the below article. Let's see how does the tutorial make it easy step by step.

What is WMV?
WMV, the abbreviation of Windows Media Player, is widely known as video compression format developed by Microsoft.  Originally, the video format WMV was developed as an application of streaming media. WMV video format is derived from ASF, which is short for Advanced Stream Format. In situation of same video quality, the size of WMV video is very small so that it is suitable for online playing or transmission. WMV videos are supported on many portable digital video devices, such as iPad, MP4, iPod etc.

What is FLV?
FLV, shorted from flash video which is a popular streaming media format. Since the file it formed is very small in size, and it can be swiftly loaded, so it makes possible for watching videos online. The FLV videos are viewable on any web browser via Adobe Flash Player or related plugin. Because of its peerless advantage, FLV format is commonly accepted as the online video sharing format by many famous sites, such as YouTube, Reuters. com, Hulu, Yahoo and so forth.

How to Convert WMV to FLV?
1. Download and install video to flash converter.

2. Import WMV videos.
After you launched the WMV to FLV program, please click Add Video tab to add the video files which you want to convert. This professional WMV to FLV video converter not only support converting video of any format to FLV flash video, but also it supports batch WMV to FLV conversion, so you can load and convert many WMV videos to FLV format at a time.

import WMV videos

3. Edit added videos (optional step).
After you finished importing videos to the WMV to FLV conversion software, you can click Edit, Clip and Merge button to make some editing for your videos, the notable functions include crop video size, clip video, combine two or more videos into one and add text and picture watermark over video to indicate brand logo, copyright or annotation.

edit video

4. Select FLV as output video format.
Go to Formats button and click it, the video converter allows you to enter some audio, video, quality and format settings for output FLV videos before you convert video to flash format.

output settings of FLV video

5. Start converting WMV to FLV.

Click the big Start icon to begin WMV to FLV converting process.

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