How to Convert VOB to FLV Flash Video Format?

"I need to convert VOB to FLV flash format, but the most important thing is that I want to do some basic video editing like clip long VOB file into parts." A forum discussion.
VOB file, commonly found on discs or DVD, is the core file which contains multiplexed digital audio, MPEG-2 video content, title, thumbnail etc in stream form. On DVD, all the video data are stored in VIDEO_TS folder, but broken up into numerous 1GiB-sized VOB files.
FLV format is commonly applied among video sharing webs or news sites. As FLV file features small size and easy in uploading and loading, so currently it is the most popular streaming media format used for delivering video over the global internet via Adobe Flash Player.
Sometimes if you plan to upload VOB files to video sites or webpage for sharing, the uploading process is rather time-consuming as the size of each VOB file is less or equivalent to one GiB. However, FLV has an advantage at this point since the FLV file gets much smaller size, which also makes rapid loading possible while online video-watching.

How to convert VOB to FLV?
1. Import VOB videos to video to flash converter
Click button Add Video to load all the VOB files from your computer or discs for conversion. Except VOB files, the Kvisoft Video to FLV converter also allows you to transform videos of any popular format to FLV flash videos, including MPEG, MP4, AVI, 3GP, MKV, WMV etc. Moreover, you are allowed to transform VOB to FLV in batches!
load videos for vob to flv conversion

2. Do some video-editing
After loading all the VOB files, you can do some extra video editing to customize loaded video files before turn VOB to FLV, such as:
Edit: click button Edit, the VOB to FLV converter will allow you to crop video size, add image or text watermark into video, adjust saturation.
Clip: simply to click Clip button, you can clip long VOB video into segments or trim off some unwanted parts according to your preferences.
Merge: highlight two or more video files and then click Merge icon, you are allowed to merge several VOB files into one.
edit video before converting  vob to flv

3. Select FLV as output format
Navigate to Formats button, you can choose FLV as the output video format. The video to FLV converter also supports some advanced audio and video settings like, bit rate, encoder, channel etc before VOB to FLV conversion.
4. Start to convert VOB to FLV

You can directly click Start icon on the intuitive interface to turn VOB to FLV. In new pop-up window, the conversion process will be presented for preview, you can also click Pause to suspend to VOB to FLV conversion, and click Cancel button to quit conversion.

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