How to Convert Videos to Flash-SWF or FLV?

Have you collected some classic videos and want to embed them on your homepage, MySpace, Facebook, or other websites for sharing? It seems that flash video will be the perfect format to share and delivery your videos, as flash video gets smaller size, and Adobe Flash Player is the commonly used application among web browsers.

Kvisoft Video to Flash converter is a professional utility that enables convert videos of any format to flash format within few mouse clicks. Below is a step-to-step tutorial for your reference to do the video to flash conversion.

Step1: load videos to Video to Flash converter
Start the video converter, the following interface will appear. Click Add Video button to select videos from your local driver and import them. With the feature of batch conversion, you can select multiple videos for loading.
import video

Step2: edit added videos (it's optional!)
Highlight the video which plan to edit, and click Edit button.
1. Crop: click Crop button, and drag the dotted rectangle in the Input Preview window to adjust the video screen and size. Alternatively, you can also set the crop parameters to fix the video size: Left, Top, Width and Height.

2. Watermark: click Watermark button and tick Startup Watermark.
Add image watermark: click Image, and then click file symbol to import image from your PC.
You can drag the dotted line or set ImageSize values to adjust the image size.
Add text watermark:
Add text watermark: tick Text tab, and then type some words as your watermark. ASAP, the text watermark can be previewed on Output Preview window.
Click Ok button to apply the editing.
edit video

Step3: Clip videos (It's optional!)
Highlight the video file which you would like to clip, and click Clip button to clip your video to multiple segments.
Click scissor-like button, and then click to mark the beginning of clip, click to mark the ending of clip. You can click Plus Sign to start a new clip.
Instead, you can also drag the scissors on slider line to mark the beginning and end of video segment.
clip video

Step4: Merge loaded videos into one (It's optional!)
Except clipping videos is allowed by the video to flash converter, you can also merge loaded videos into one. Tick the videos you want to merge, then click Merge button, afterwards, the ticked files will be combined into one file.
merge videos

Step5: customize output settings
Click Formats button, a new window will pop up for you to personalize format and quality of converted flash video by setting video and audio parameters, including Bit Rate, Frame Rare etc. You only need to select and click Ok button to apply the settings.
select format of flash video

Step6: Start conversion
After you specify the output path, please click Start button to begin the video to flash conversion. A preview window will appear for you to check the converted flash video beforehand. After a short while, the flash videos will be encoded.

The Video to Flash converter can convert any video format to Adobe flash, including AVI to flash, WMV to flash, MP4 to Flash etc.

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