How to Convert PDF to Screensaver File?

"I have a PDF file with pictures in it and I want to make it my screen saver. I have tried to do this with no luck. Has anyone any suggestions for me?"  If you are one of the buddies who ask the similar question about converting PDF to Screensaver File in forums for getting a solution, then the below guide is just the right answer for you.
The screensaver is the moving images, patterns or blank screen on computer when the computer is not working. Originally it aims to prevent phosphor burn-in on CRT and computer displayer. Nowadays, the screensaver is widely used for security, entertainment, showing system information etc. When attempting to make a 3D flash page flipping screensaver file from PDF, the Kvisoft PDF flip page software will help you out from uncertainness.
How to convert PDF to Screensaver file?
pdf to screensaver conversion
1. Import PDF documents for PDF to Screensaver conversion
2. Edit flash flipping pages of screensaver file by clicking Edit Page button, including inserting video, picture, text, hyperlink, Flickr image, animated effect, YouTube movie, hotspot etc.
3. Customize the style of flash screensaver file. To click Template button, you are allowed to design your unique screensaver file with 3D animated template, lovely buttons, thumbnail and more.
4. Start to turn PDF to Screensaver file. The digital publishing software offers multiple output formats: HTML for website, EXE, SWF, HTML5 for mobile reading and also APP for Mac. So you can click ScreenSaver to select it as the output format, and then click Start to begin PDF to Screensaver conversion.

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