Convert PDF to Executable (EXE) Page Turning eBook

You know the Turning Page Software supports multiple output types, including HTML, ZIP, APP, Screensaver and EXE. If you aim to create a page turning ebook for offline use on different computers, then EXE must be the best output format for you. Just stick around to see how can you convert PDF to executable page turning ebooks step by step.

Easy to read
Usually we can only read flash page turning ebooks in flash player, or in flash-supported browsers, but the ebook which gets file extension ".exe" can be installed directly like any executable program on computer. After installment, the executable page turning ebook can be viewed breezily without installing any assistant tool like Adobe flash or flash plugin.

Easy to offline share among local drivers
If you want to share digital page flipping ebook, brochure, report etc with other people, you just need to copy the EXE page flipping ebook to a movable device like USB or mobileHDD, and then transfer it other people's computer disc for viewing. Alternatively, burn created eBook to CD and ship it out. Very convenient!

So, if you plan to make a page turning ebook for offline use on local drivers without publishing to any other sites, then just the follow the below procedures to create an executable turning page ebook from PDF, images or flash movies.

How to convert PDF to executable page turning ebook?


1. Download and install Kvisoft page turning ebook software.
2. Import PDF files, pictures, or flash movies for creating executable flipping book.
3. Edit and Design your page turning ebook.
4. Choose EXE as output type and start turning PDF to executable page flipping ebook.

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