How to Convert PDF to Flash Flip Book

PDF files, short for portable document format, are widely used in both private life and commercial circle. However, do you think that the digital document PDF is really the best file format for presentation? We don't think so. PDF documents can't be viewed without Foxit or other PDF readers, and sometimes you may experience frustrations if you want to edit PDF files. Though PDF can contain text, images, links, graphics etc, you may still feel that it's not flexible enough for representing your inspirations and thought vividly. Actually, you just need a PDF to flash conversion to make your PDF more attractive and presentable.

Why transfer PDF to Flash flip book?

  • 1. Make PDF files more accessible. PDF files can only be viewed after installing PDF viewer or PDF reader. However, the flash files can be viewed on 98% OS without installing anything. As 99% computer users have installed Adobe Flash plugin, so the flash files can be viewed in most of the web browsers. Besides, the HTML5 flash flipbook is mobile-friendly that it can display smoothly on iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android devices and etc.
  • 2. Less time to view PDF contents in Flash flip book. If file size of PDF is too large, it will take a long time in opening. However, the XML technology and smaller size of flash file will make the loading more swiftly.
  • 3. Flash PDF ebook brings more fun to reading. Compared with the stiff and ordinary style of PDF, the flash page-flipping file, which behaves like a realistic paper book, looks more stunning leaving readers a fresh and enjoyable experience.

How to turn PDF to flash page-flipping ebooks?

Hereof we will guide you to convert PDF to flash flip book step by step via Kvisoft 3D flip book creator without any programming work. For Mac users, you need to download Kvisoft PDF to Flash Mac software for making flipbook.

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Download PDF to flash flip book software

The expert flash flip book creator provides a 30-day free trial, which means that you can download and install freely to experience its powerful function and effect.


Launch PDF to flash book software

After you launched the software, an intuitive interface will appear instantly. It's easy for anyone to begin with clicking New Project.
flipbook maker interface


Load files for PDF to flash conversion

The PDF to flash converter not only allows you to load bunches of PDF documents, but also allows you to load images (*.jpg, *.bmp, *jpeg, *.png), flash videos, movies, Word, Excel, PowerPoint for batch PDF to flash flipbook conversion. After you clicked New Project button, the ebook pages will be presented on the right panel as soon as possible, just as the below image shows.


Design the flash ebook style

Once the loading is completed, you will be directed to the design panel promptly as the flash flipbook maker allows you to stylize your own ebooks. You can easily pick out a satisfactory template on the left to accessorize your flash flipping ebook, and preview its appearance on the right panel.

If you want to customize the background image and music, change the button style and position, brand and inset hyperlink etc, please click Settings  to customize these settings. There are dozens of customizable settings for you to DIY an eye-catching flash flip book.
flipbook maker templates


convert PDF to flash flipping book

When you finish DIY work, please click Publish button to start converting PDF to flash flip book. Multiple output formats provided, including Flash, HTML5, standalone SWF, EXE, ZIP, APP etc. If you are aiming of transferring PDF to SWF flash ebook, please choose SWF and click Start.

You will get a realistic flipping effect book in seconds, like this one. Zoom in, zoom out flash flipbook, or view it in full screen, put background music on or off etc in a breeze.
flash flip book appearance

Now, you can upload the Flash flip books to your website, it would be a nice way to present your company products or attract visitors. Besides, you can also take the flash flipbook software to create flash brochure, booklet, flyers, magazine etc to enrich your site.

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