Convert PDF to Flash Flipbook with Multimedia Elements

You may try to insert multimedia elements into PDF ebook, and then you search everywhere to get useful clues. Now you can stop your search here! Kvisoft Flip Page Maker has the feature to help you convert ordinary PDF files or images into flash flipping ebook. It allows you personalize output flipbook with individual text, Youtube video, pictures, flash etc. Stick around to see how to convert your PDF files into animated and attractive flash flipping ebook:


Import Files

It's easy to load multiple PDF files by clicking "New Project" button. You are flexible to choose page range and page quality in  new popup window. You can add more files into Kvisoft PDF to e magazine software as it supports batch PDF to ebook conversion!


Edit Flipbook Pages

Click Page Edit button, you can embed Hyperlink/Text/Video/Youtube Video/SWF/Image/Hotspot/Sound into specified  flipbook pages. Beyond that, you can also add clipart, dynamic effect for output flipbook. What's more, Flipbook Maker Pro  allows you to set background color, dividing line etc in bottom right menu.

For example, if you want to add a video into flipbook, please follow below steps for achieve it.

You can add other multimedia components by the same method.

  •   a. Click "Edit Page" button
  •   b. Choose a page which you want to insert video from the left thumbnail panel
  •   c. Click Video/YouTube/Vimeo to add online or offline video.
  •   d. Click on the selected page or draw an area on the page
  •   e. Import video from computer and set properties in popup window: position and size of video window, loop, play settings, skin style etc can be customized by yourself.

Customize Style of Output Flipbook

After you click Design button which is on the top, you can embellish your flash flipping ebook with some classic built-in  templates. Click Advanced Setting button, which is on the bottom left, you can easily to customize Navigation Bar settings,  button style and layout, thumbnail setting, preloader setting etc.


Export Designed Flipping Book

Click Publish button (on the top) to output your desired flipbook to diverse files: HTML/SWF/ZIP or stand-alone EXE.

Follow the above steps, you can convert your ordinary PDF files into an amazing flash flipbook with added multimedia  components!

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