How to Convert MPEG to FLV Flash Videos

You might have some perfect MPEG videos, and want to present these videos on your website or personal blog to attract more viewers, and make your own homepage more captivating. If so, converting MPEG to FLV must be the very first step for such use.

Good Balance between Video Quality and File Size

Among various kinds of video formats, the FLV flash video has a perfect balance between video quality and file size. The FLV video is relatively smaller than common video formats, including AVI, MP4, MPEG, WMV etc. Usually, smaller video size signifies that the overall quality level should be lower. But the FLV format takes the lowest sacrifice in video quality. Because of the smaller file size, so FLV flash videos can be quickly uploaded to website and loaded during online watching.

Peerless Highlights of FLV Format

Sometimes when we watch a video online, the website may inform us that we have to install a specific video player before watching. It’s annoying that we are forced to install the video player on computer. But if you watch movies or videos on YouTube, Hulu etc, the same problem will not happen. Why? These famous video sharing sites use FLV streaming media format. As 99 percent of the computer users have installed flash plugin, so the FLV videos can be watched smoothly in web browser without video player. That’s the main reason why MPEG to FLV conversion is so popular nowadays.

How to Convert MPEG to FLV?
Step1: Load videos to video to FLV converter
Click Add Video button to browse the videos which you plan to embed into homepage or blog. Batch MPEG to FLV conversion is supported!
load mpeg videos for conversion

Step2: Edit loaded videos (optional)
Except the MPEG to FLV conversion, the powerful video to flash conversion software is also outstanding in videos-editing features, including crop video screen size, insert picture and text watermark, clip video, and combine multiple videos into a single one. You can highlight a video and click related buttons to apply the professional video-editing functions of the MPEG to FLV converter.
clip video

Step3: Select FLV as output format
Simply click Formats icon, you can set FLV as output flash video format.

Step4: Start MPEG to FLV conversion process

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