How to Convert Movie to FLV Effortlessly?

You might record some funny movies by your digital camera, or you might download some worth watching video clips from internet. Imagine that these wonderful movies are embedded to your personal homepage, blog or video sharing sites. It is super-cool that your friends, classmates or the world people can share your happiness and good movies anytime, anywhere. When it comes to upload movies to website or blog for public sharing, then to begin with converting movie to FLV is a sensible procedure.

Why we convert movie to FLV?
Movie files are often difficult to be uploaded while FLV files feature much smaller size. Moreover, FLV video can be watched in web browser smoothly along with swift loading. But movie files, which get file extension AVI, MP4, WMV, MPEG etc, can only be enjoyed in video player after downloading; it’s terrible that viewers need to wait for a long time for watching. If you expect that your movie can offer comfortable visual experience to your viewers, then converting movie to FLV streaming media is a feasible measure.
The below tutorial will introduce an easy solution for you about how to convert movie to FLV step by step, so let’s stick around to see how effortless the conversion is.

Preparations:Install and launch video to flash converter
Step1: load movies to movie to FLV converter.
Click Add Video icon to browse your computer and import movies of any format for conversion. You can load batches of movies for conversion at a time.

load movies for converting

Step2: Personalize movies before movie to FLV conversion
Simply click Edit, Clip and Merge button, the movie to FLV converter can enable you to personalize loaded movies with image and text watermark, crop movie screen size, clip movies to shorter segments, and combine two or more movies into one.

Step3: select FLV as output movie format
Click Formats icon on the top of the intuitive interface, you can set FLV as the output movie format. Besides, the video to flash conversion software also supports adjusting audio and video parameters.

select output format

Step4: Click Start icon to start movie to FLV conversion

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