How to Clip Long Video into Segments?

You may get some wonderful videos on Christmas, birthday party, wedding ceremony or company anniversary, and

dream to share the big-time memory with others through YouTube, MySpace or blog. But the problem is that the

video is too large and some parts are not satisfactory. Take your time now! Let's stick around to see how rapidly

Kvisoft Video to Flash Converter makes it simple to clip videos to smaller segments.

The following article will guide you to clip video and cut off unwanted video parts step by step only by mouse


After you loaded videos which you want to display on webpage into Video to Flash converter, you can crop video

size and add text and image watermark through the edit function. Then follow below steps to clip videos:

clip video
Step1: highlight a video and click Clip button

Step2: A window pops up. The preview window is displayed for offering convenience in clipping video. Click

scissors-like button to start clip function.

Step3: click button to mark the beginning of video segment, and click button to mark the end of video

segment. Alternatively, you can drag the slider to do the clipping! As soon as possible, the start time, end time

and duration of clipped video part will be listed.

Step4: click plus sign button to clip another video segment.

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