Choose Output Format of Page Flipping Ebook

As Flipbook Maker Pro supports multiple output formats for publishing page flipping ebook, some friends may linger about which output format should be chosen when you're creating page flipping ebook. If you stuck on it, please take few minutes to view the below direction.

After you click "Publish" button, you will come to the publish window which shows various output options, including format, path and etc just as the below screenshot shows. Continue reading to see which format suits for you:


It's based on Flash that you can upload it to your website for online exposure. If you select the HTML as output format of flipping ebook, you will get an output folder named "Magazine". Please keep all these output files in the folder and don't delete any file. The folder contains all the necessary items including HTML webpage, images, JS files and etc.  Click "Advanced" button, you are allowed to set meta settings such as Title, Description, Keywords for the HTML webpage.

When viewing flipbook online,  Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or above version is needed.


It's based on HTML5 technology. HTML5 page flip pdf is mobile-friendly that mobile users can view your HTML5 editions online via various mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android devices, tablets and other mobile phones. All the multimedia such as video, audio etc can be played on mobile devices without flash plugins.

Select HTML and tick "Make this magazine support mobile device", you can output flipbook in two versions. Once you upload the folder to website, both desktop and mobile readers can view your flipbook online.


Standalone SWF
If you choose this format, it will publish your flipbook in a single SWF file that you can upload the standalone SWF flipbook to WordPress, blog sites etc for online sharing. Standalone SWF is recommended when your website doesn't accept uploading folders. For playing, Adobe Flash 9.0 or above version must be installed.


If you select EXE as output format, it means that you will get an executable and standalone flash flipping ebook that  you can open it on Windows computer. The EXE flipbook can be sent to your readers for offline sharing.


APP is an executable format that runs on Mac OS. The APP version flipbook can be viewed offline on Apple Mac.


Choose Screensaver as output format, you can set the beautiful flipbook book as your screensaver.


Choose a format and also tick "Compressed to ZIP", you can export flipbook in a compressed ZIP file. As you know, large files are difficult to be attached in E-mail and send to others in due course. So this output format can bring you a lot of convenience when you want to share the animated flipping ebook with friends by email.


Click the arrow which is behind "Publish", you can publish flipbook as video such as MP4, AVI, DVD-video, WMV and many more video formats. The video flipbook can be shared to popular video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu etc.

You can select a proper output format for your stunning page flipping emagazines according to your needs! Now, why not try this digital magazine creating software freely?

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