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Kvisoft flipbook maker pro provide two solutions to add bookmarks easily. One is for readers; the other is for the persons who create the flipbooks. So there are two operator interfaces for each one.

Here is the first interface for readers:

Look at the whole buttons below the flipbook, the first one means the bookmark. Flip to the page you want to add bookmarks, and then:
1.Click the bookmark button, the related interface will appear in the flipbook.
2. Write down the title of new bookmark, and then press ''Add'' button.
After you can see the added bookmarks with page thumbnail and page number. When reader click over it,  it will automatic flip to the related page. Those added bookmarks by readers will be saved on their own local computer. When read the book next time, those boomarks also works.

Then here comes the interface for editors  who create the flipbooks.
Go to Design tab, and click Bookmarks button on upper right.

First click ''Add'' button, and then double click corresponding area to edit Title name, ralated page number and bookmark color. There is no limit to the number of the bookmarks you want to add. The output bookmarks will be shown in the listed order. To insert or delete bookmarks, please left click the specific bookmark title, then use the ''Insert'' or ''Delete'' button.

Note: tag and color feature is not available for all theme. They may not useable for some special templates.

If the bookmarks are created by the flipbook creators, the bookmarks will appear on the pages and cannot be changed or deleted by the readers in the output version; while the bookmarks made by the readers are editable and will not appear in the output flipbooks. That is the difference for the two solutions to add bookmarks to the flipbooks in Kvisoft page flip software.

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