How to Convert Multiple PDF Files to Flipbooks at a Time

"When using the batch conversion feature, all PDF’s are processed into one output file. Is it possible to create each PDF into its own output file? " It's an question asked by Steven Harris, one of our customers who is using Kvisoft FlipBook Maker Professional version.
Now in Kvisoft flip book creator program v4.3.3, this issue has been solved according to customers feedbacks. Please follow below steps to do batch publish:


Create a flipbook sample with own settings

Firstly you need to create a flipbook with preset settings. Only on the basis of its settings, can you publish a bunch of PDF files into flipbooks with the same template, settings and design. Click New Project to start creating a flippingbook example.


Perform batch processing

a. Open Batch Publish dialog: File -> Batch Publish; or click down arrow of Publish -> Batch Publish. Two ways are all available.
b. Import multiple PDF documents: click add icon -> browse PDF files. Please press Ctrl to add a bunch of PDF files at a time.
c. Select an output format: there are different formats for you to choose. If you are not sure which format is suitable for you, please take a look at this guide.
d. Specify an output path and start batch PDF to flipbook processing.

Afterwards, please click Open Folder to check the flipbooks.

All the PDF files added into Batch Publish dialog(not including the basic flipbook sample) will be converted into flipbooks. If you need to publish the sample book, please directly hit Publish button to output it separately.

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