Can You Add Video into Flash Flipping Ebook Swiftly?

In order to let your customers or viewers understand, sometimes we may need some iconic elements, such as video, to make your descriptions clearer. Or create album for beloved families and bosom friends, you may also want to embed some memorable videos on it. Thankfully, Kvisoft PDF Page Flip Maker provides the feature-function to help you achieve your goal.

With only several clicks that you can add any video to output page flipping ebook pages:

  1. Step1. Click "Edit Page" button to show the menu of adding multimedia components.
  2. Step2. Select a flip book page you want to embed video. On top right thumbnail page panel, you can easily pick out the page.
  3. Step3. Click "Video" button or Hit YouTube/Vimeo button
  4. Step4. Click on selected page or draw an area for video clip on the page
  5. Step5. Load video from PC and set video properties. A popup window will appear for loading video clips from your PC.
    a.To enter X and Y parameters, you can adjust the place of video window on flipbook page. To Enter Width and Height parameters, you can adjust the size of video window. You can also drag to adjust the size and place!
    b.Customize other options of added video, including Loop, Play music when enter the page, skin etc.
  6. Step6: Click "Save and Exit" button to save the settings.

After these steps, you can click "Preview" button to preview the added video!

How to delete added video from flipbook pages?
If the added video clip is not satisfactory as you thought, please simply press "Delete" key to remove the video from flipbook page. Why not have a free try of Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro to create your e-magazines right now?

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