How to Add Text to PDF flipbook Maker

When you uploaded the PDF pages to Kvisoft flip page software to convert them to a flipping book, and want to take some notes on the pages somewhere, you can make it through adding text to flipping book pages.

Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro allows publishers to create 3 types of text, plain text with static word, dynamic text with lively animation, and text with various bubbles. Here are the steps, it's easy!

Steps to add plain text to flipping pages on your eBook:
a. Pick a page that you are going to add text to.
b. Click ‘‘Plain TXT’’ button on Insert panel.
c. Click-hold-drag mouse to draw a frame of text.
d. Type text on the box, then press ‘‘OK’’.

e. Switch to TXT panel, and modify text properties, layer, front and paragraph.
f. Click the mouse icon, to set action when readers mouse-click the text.
g. Hit the ‘‘Effect’’ button to set animation effect of added text, you can preview its result on right side. Click ‘‘OK’’ button to finish.

It takes similar steps if you want to add dynamic text or bubbles callout text.

Tips: Further edit the flipbook pages

If you finished adding texts to the flipbook pages as the methods above-mentioned, you could have a further edit of the flipbook pages, such as add image to PDF flipbook.
Or you can embellish the flip book by clicking Design and choose the beautiful elements we Kvisoft flipbook maker pro provided for you. The published flipbook would be very eye-catching if you create them carefully. Good Luck!

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