Add Text and Image Watermark for Flash Video

If you aim to display your video on homepage or social sites in a personalized way, such as adding brand logo, slogan, product picture to copyright the flash video, or inserting memorable photos and words to express your thoughts more precisely, than the watermark feature of Video to Flash converter will make it simple.

The below guide concentrated on adding text and image watermark for output flash video will assist you to personalize flash video within few steps.
After you load videos to Kvisoft video to flash converter, please click Edit button, and then click Watermark button to specialize your flash video with text watermark and image watermark.

1. Add image watermark for flash video.
Step1: tick Startup tab and Image tab.
Step2: add image. Click file symbol to import image from PC.
Step3: adjust position of image watermark. Drag the image or the Vertical and Horizontal slider to fix the position of image watermark.
Step4: fix size of image watermark. Drag the dotted rectangle or set ImageSize values to set the size of image watermark.
Notice: if you only want to set image watermark for output flash video, then click OK button to apply the setting. If you also need to set text watermark, please don't click ok and navigate to the following steps.
preview flash video

2. Add text watermark for flash video.
Step1: tick Text button.
Step2: type the text words in blank frame.
Step3: fix the position of text watermark by dragging Vertical and Horizontal slider.

Step4: set the style of text watermark by clicking button, including font, font style, size, effect, color etc. Click Ok button to save the settings.
After image watermark and text watermark are all finished, don't forget to click Ok to apply the watermark setting.
edit video

After that, select an output format for flash video and click Start to encode video clips to flash videos. During converting, the added image watermark and text watermark can be checked in preview window.

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