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When you make digital magazine, e-catalogs, brochures etc, maybe you need to add a shape such as action buttons, arrows, rectangles etc to any selected magazine page or area for better illustration or for effective online marketing. By using the "Add Shape" feature of Kvisoft FlipBook Maker Pro or Kvisoft FlipBook Maker Enterprise(download here), users can even set click action for each shape to open a link, play video, play music, go to page, pop up window, call Java script function etc.

There are dozens of shapes provided by Kvisoft, such as star, rectangle, line, arrow, banner, action buttons and many more types of shapes. This tutorial will show you the details about how to add shape to e-magazine pages.

How Can I Add Shape to E-Magazine Pages in Kvisoft FlipBook Maker Pro?

After you have loaded PDF into Kvisoft flipbook maker pro, please go ahead to page editor to add shape to specified magazine pages by following below steps:
1. Click Edit Page in order to open page editor
2. Highlight a magazine page which you plan to insert shape into
3. Click Shape
4. Drag an area or click on the selected magazine page

5. Define settings for added shape: drag to adjust position, size, layer, shape style, color, transparence, shape border color and transparence, mouse click action and etc.
6. Click "Save and Exit" to save the settings and exit page editor.
Now you can preview the shape in the center panel of Kvisoft flipbook maker pro.

Why Digital Publishers Add Shape to Digital Magazines?

There are many great uses of shapes in online presentation:
a. Link table of contents to corresponding magazine page by using a 100% transparent shape
b. Make illustration more visual and clearer by using arrow, lines etc.
c. Use a shape to make the focus point stand out
d. Direct readers to another webpage or next chapter
e. Use a shape to show auxiliary information such as video, photo gallery, SWF etc in a pop up window...
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