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When you make e-catalogs, brochures, ebooks, magazines etc, you may need to use a photo gallery to help you reflect functions and features of products. By using the Add Gallery feature of Kvisoft FlipBook Maker Pro, you can embed a bunch of delicate photos into e-catalog pages to showcase your business. Just see the tips in this article to see how you can add photo gallery into flippable pages of digital catalog, brochure, magazines etc.

After you have imported your existing documents such as PDF, Word, PPT etc into Kvisoft digital publishing software, please follow below tips:

1. Click "Edit Page" to open the dialog page editor
2. Select a page which you want to embed photo gallery
3. Click "Gallery"
4. Drag an area or left-click on selected page
5. Dialog "Add Gallery" will appear. Please click add icon to import photos from your computer. Click OK to import photos.

6. Customize gallery settings such as name, position, size, layer and slideshow style:
Please drag and drop or adjust values to control the position and size of photo gallery;
There are 2 kinds of photo gallery styles: slideshow and stackgallery. Please click on it to set the style.
7. Click "Save and Exit" to go back to design panel from which you can preview the added photo gallery.

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