How to add logo to flash slides

It is known widely that flash slideshow is one of best ways to present photos. It is helpful to reminisce meaningful moments, like weddings, anniversaries, births, graduations, etc. It is also a good helper in some commercial occasions, like business meeting, opening ceremony, new product demonstration, and so on. When make flash slideshow, adding logo is a good way to protect copyright for both individuals and commerce, especially for commerce. And logo can also help to promote company name and brand. Furthermore, adding hyperlink on logo image is an icing on the cake, to get more visits for their website. This article will give you instruction for how to add logo to flash slideshow.

Before start, you should first import images or videos to flash slide show maker and edit slides, then follow these steps:

Step1. Enable Logo feature. Go to Publish tab by pressing this buttonpublish-tab.jpg. On right of this tab, there is a section for adding logo. Please check the box of Enable Logo.

Step2. Import logo image. Please click this button load button to load logo photo from your computer.

Step3. Add hyperlink to logo (Optional). Please enter link address on the URL box. Then it will link to that specific URL once readers click the logo image on your slideshow demonstration. If you do not want any link for logo, just leave this box blank.

Step4. Choose logo position. There are 5 options for you to choose, Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right and Center.

Now, you could preview result by pressing the Preview button on bottom of publish tab. If you are satisfied with flash slides, just hit Publish button to output your favorable flash slideshow presentation. Following is screenshot of example adding our Kvisoft logo.


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