How to Import Photos and Videos to Slideshow Software

Maybe you have a lot of photos to share with your family and friends. But the single photo is too monotonous to watch. As a photography lover, I have a good idea for you to do it. You can make a slideshow from your digital photos for sharing better.

Kvisoft Flash Slideshow Builder is very helpful to make flash slideshow from digital photos and videos without any technical requirements. Moreover, you can design your own flash slideshows with fantastic templates and transition effects to share with your friends.

Then how to add image and video to slideshow:


Just click Add File(s) button to add your photos/videos instantly.

The flash slideshow maker supports photos (.jpg, .png, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp and online Flickr images) and videos (.flv, .f4v and online YouTube videos). During the adding, you need select the type of file name: image or video format.


After you click Add tab, you can choose your wanted photos.
Shortcuts "Ctrl+A": Select all files for making a slideshow.
Press "Ctrl " and select images one by one which you want to slideshow.


Add files online.

If your target documents are online, you can import them by choosing the drop-down menu of Add File(s).

There are two options: Flickr and YouTube. That is to say, you can import your online Flickr images to slideshow for making the flash slideshow or import online YouTube videos into slideshow software for watching.


Double click to add your photos or videos.

During creating the photo slideshow, you may find that you forget some pictures. Don’t worry and in the bottom of this program you can find the Double Click to Add photos/videos tab. Just do it and insert your target pictures.

By the way, you can customize photos by the image editing functions.

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