How to Add Hyperlinks to PDF Flip Book

Hyperlinks have been used in many kinds of documents for direct following other related data so that users can browse the hypertexts easily. Usually you are not able to add hyperlinks to PDF files. But it is possible to do so if you convert PDF to page flipping e-book, and then add the hyperlinks during the procedure. Before start to add the hyperlinks to PDF flip book, you should download and launch the Kvisoft page flip software firstly.

Step 1 Add Files

Click "New Project" button on the left side of Home tab interface to load PDF, or open your saved previous project.

Step 2 Add hyperlinks

After click the ''Edit Page'' button on top of Design tab, the Page Editor window will pop up.

  • a. Left click on page thumbnail to select a page that you would like to add clickable links to.
  • b. Hit ''Plain TXT'' button.
  • c. Left-click mouse, then hold and drag to draw a frame on book page.
  • d. Type text of hyperlink or just leave it blank.
  • Tip: It is better you choose a large font for easier look.
  • e. Switch to TXT tab.
    f.  Press the mouse icon.
    g. Check options of ''Mouse Click Action'' and ''Open link''.
  • h. Write down URL of the link and select a target window type.
  • i.  Click "OK". The hyperlink will appear on the page you chose.

Tips: 1. To change and modify the hyperlinks you created, please select the specific element on Outline tab, then double click over the link frame you created. To delete it, please click the frame, then press ''Delete'' key on your keyboard.

2. Kvisoft flipbook maker pro can not only add common hyperlinks to the PDF files, it also supports adding hyperlinks to the inserted dynamic text, images, hotspots, videos, slideshow, gallery, etc. The procedure is similar to the "Add Hyperlink". You could have a try if you’re interested in them.

Step 3 Extra Settings

1. Do extra settings in line with your needs, such as add images to the PDF pages.
2. To customize the style of output e-book. Click Template button to embellish your flipbook with the classic flipbook templates with preferred button style/layout, background image, preloader, navigation bar, brand logo/link, book marks etc.

Step 4 Output the files/Publish

Click on Publish button to select which format (flash, HTML5, SWF, App, EXE) you want to output, you could enjoy your own PDF page flip e-book now!

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