How to Add Hotspot to Flipbook Pages

PDF is a format only readable. So it would be a little boring when facing the countless pages of PDF and not know which one is the important; or when the page contains too many passages that makes finding the important words and sentences a difficult issue. So if you use Kvisoft page flip software to convert PDF to flash flipbook pages and would like to highlight the important contexts, adding hotspot can be a nice method (hotspot can be added by using the Shape feature of Kvisoft FlipBook Maker Pro V4.0 or above versions). And the procedure is easy as following steps.
Note: You should first add PDF files to the Kvisoft flipbook maker pro and then open page editor to add hotspots.

1. Click Edit Page to open page editor.
2. Select a page where you want to add a hotspot.
3. Click Shape

4. Drag the mouse to draw a frame on the page where you want to highlight.
5. Set parameters for hotspot: including the color, transparency, position, hotspot shape and mouse click actions(open link, open video, go to page etc). The transparency can be adjusted by adjusting the transparency value. The smaller the value is, the more transparent the hotspot will be. You can preview the effect in real time.

Tip: If there are any words or images you want to erase, such as an unrelated link or name or other elements on the PDF pages you'd like to keep as secret, you can choose the color as white, and adjust the transparency value to the maximum 1. Then the contents you chose will be covered with all white and "disappear".

6. Click Save and Exit to save the settings. And it can be finished if you satisfy the hotspot.

Edit and Remove: Or you can change them by double click the name of Elements from the Outline, or delete them by pressing Delete. After adding hotspots to your PDF flipping book pages, you can embellish the file through other elements; and add sound to pdf flipping page can be a nice choice.

If you finished the page edit, it is possible for you to design your flipbook by follow the tutorials on our website, you'll beautify your flip book with more many splendid choices. Then publish your work, you'll get the flipping book created by your own!.

Have a free trial of Kvisoft flipbook maker if you are interested in it!.

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