How to Add Flickr Photos to Make Flash Slideshow?

Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing online, it is widely used by bloggers to host images that they embed in blogs and social media. And it is also providing a way for users to create easy Flickr slideshow on Flickr. For making more attractive Flash slideshow with music, our Flash Slideshow Designer is a good choice. Here are the step-by-step illustrations to help you add Flickr images and make Flash slideshow with this slideshow software.


Find the photos you want for slideshow

  • Add your own Flickr photos:
    Loging on your Flickr account is usually required if you want to make Flash slideshow from your own Flickr photos. However, if you remember your Flickr username, this isnot necessary. The powerful search function lets you view your Flickr photos by searching your username. Take a brief view of the following search result image, just click the searched profile name, items or profile you could reach your photos in seconds.
    search Flickr members
  • Add your friends photos:
    If you know your Flickr friends username, you could quick access your friends profile by inputing their names at the Flick searchbox and then clicking search.
    However, not all of us has the good memory to remember each of our friends Flickr name. Then, you have to log on your Flickr account and then find your friends from the Contacts tab.
    find friends on flickr
  • Add photos by searching on Flickr:
  • As Flickr has millions of photos available in its database. Searching specified keywords on Flickr is the most popular way for users to find their favoriate photos. For example, if you want to find some Valentines Day's pictures to make Valentines Day's slideshow, search "Valentines Day" on Flickr, you will get a lot of related pictures.

Get the original Flickr photo URL

After you find the images for the slideshow, please right click the image and select "Copy image URL", you will get the original URL of the Flickr photo, such as
get flickr image url
And then get the information for Server ID, Photo ID, and Secret.
original flickr url parts


Add Flickr photos to Flash Slideshow Designer

Open Flash Slideshow Designer, click the Add File(s) arrow, and then select "Flickr".
add flickr option
The "Add Flickr Option" window will be shown soon. Please input the Server ID, Photo ID, and Secret info to the corresponding box. After filling in the info, click the OK button, the Flickr image will be added to the program in seconds.
input flickr image info

Kvisoft Flash Slideshow Maker provides a lot of powerful funtions for user to make slideshow with music, besides adding Flickr images you also could add images from your computer, FLV videos, and online You Tube videos to slideshow.

How-to tutorials to add Flickr images to Flash Slideshow Designer and make amazing Flick slideshow with music. Make your own flash slideshow with Flickrs photos easily.

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