How to Add Effect to PDF Flipbook Pages

After Adding files to the Kvisoft flipbook maker pro, you may need salting with some interesting elements if the pages are a little dull to you. Then you could add some effects(only for 3.6.10 or older versions) you like to vivify the whole flipping book. And the procedure is easy as the following steps:

1. Click "Effect" under the "Page Edit" item.
2. Drag any effects you like that we provided for you on the left to the page.
Take the "bubble" effect for instance. To fill the page with bubble effect, please choose the first SWF image, double click or drag the mouse to the centre of the page, the bubbles will appear immediately.


1. Kvisoft flipbook maker pro provide you with eight classic SWF effects, including bubble, cauliflower, music, old film, rain and snow. You could choose any one of the effects or all of them at the same time to enliven the pages if you like. The whole effects are transparent so they will not hide the words or images below them.

2. Feel one bubble is not enough? Don't worry. Just drag the bubble SWF file to the page as many times as possible. The page will be filled with bubbles then. Or you could add other effects by the same method.

3. The position of the bubbles can also be adjusted. If you click on the bubbles in the page, the frame of the SWF file will appear, and then you could drag the frame to where you want. Or you could also make it by dragging the SWF files to the position where you want at first.

4. It is also possible to add hyperlinks to the effects by right click on the file and paste the links in the related boxes.

To delete the SWF effect files, just click the button on the lower right of the page. Or you could edit them by click on the name of the file.

After finished adding effects to the flipping pages, you may further edit the flipbook by choosing "Design" to have the advanced settings. There you could define button style flash flipping book or choose the templates corresponding to the flies you uploaded to embellish the flip book and then publish it.

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