How to Add Clipart to PDF Flipbook

Clipart, or clip art, refers to pre-made images used to illustrate any medium in the graphic arts. In the Kvisoft flipbook maker pro, we provide a lot of cliparts for you to decorate the created flash pages. If you finished adding different elements to the flip book and have interest to embellish the files by the cliparts, then go ahead to read, it is very easy to add cliparts to PDF flipbook(only for 3.6.10 or older versions).

Generally, Kvisoft flipbook maker pro offers five main categories of cliparts. With the themes ranging from animals, environment, festival, funny to other dissimilar elements, the flash pages can be more active and impressive.

For instance, if you love spring, then choose the green leaves under the "Environment" category, and drag it to the page or double click the small image. The clipart will appear on the page. If you feel it's enough to add the one to the page, then stop here and go ahead for your other edit and publish the flipbook.

If you'd like to have a further edit of the cliparts, here goes the way:
1. Drag the cliparts you like to the page as the above method.
2. Click the clipart, change the size by drag the small boxes on the four edges. And drag the cliparts to where you want when the mouse pointer becomes a cross.
3. Right click the mouse, choose "Edit", it is also possible for you to adjust the size and position of the clipart. And you can add hyperlink to the clipart here.
4. To combine the cliparts, there are two main methods, and either is feasible:
First, click the cliparts and drag the mouse to where you'd like to place them, if they are combined together partly, right click the mouse and choose up or down of the cliparts.

Or second, change the "Elements" on the lower right. The arrows and , is used for adjusting the cascading order. The delete button is for deleting the clipart which can also be found by right click on it.

That's all about how to add cliparts to the PDF flipbook, and it is only a small part of the Kvisoft flipbook maker pro. To beautify the whole flip book, such as add sound to flipping pages, please download the page flip software and have a free trial now!

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