Add Brand Logo into Page Flipping E-magazine

Aim to design a company e-magazine, product list, catalogue, or business greeting card for promotion? Don't forget to print your company sign or brand logo on these digital publications, because logo is an important way to broadcast your company culture and style. Kvisoft page turning software offers the feature to help you. Let's see how to add your brand logo on page flipping magazine!

There're two ways to make your brand logo show in page flipping magazine:


Let your brand logo be printed on specified pages of e-magazine

  1.   a. click Edit Page button
  2.   b. select the page which you aimed to embed brand logo from the left panel
  3.   c. click Image button, then click on selected page or draw an area on selected page
  4.   d. a popup window "Add image" will appear. Please import logo from local PC or enter the URL of your online brand logo
  5.   e. personalize your brand logo: size, place, hyperlink, style etc. Ensure your brand logo looking perfect and attractive, please enter proper parameters for Height and Width and drag it to the right position. Go to "Action", you can add hyperlink for added logo.

Make your logo displayed beside magazine pages

 Link: you can set a hyperlink for your logo.

 Set size and place for brand logo: to make sure your brand logo looks eye-catching and nice, please enter proper parameters for Height and Width, and choose a proper place for added logo. Below are the easy steps:

  1.   a. click "Settings" button to open the settings list
  2.   b. open "Brand Settings" menu
  3.   c. tick on "Image" option and load your brand logo from local driver
  4.   d. do extra settings for added logo: width, height, click logo to open link in new tab or new window
  5.   e. then this software will automatically apply the settings. Now you can preview the added logo in the panel instantly!

Want to design a page flipping magazine with embed brand logo? Go ahead!

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