Add Bookmarks to Flash Page Flipping E-book

You may download a PDF novel and want to convert it to flash flipping ebook, but the novel is too long that it gets hundreds of pages. If you want to view a specified chapter, it must be a nightmare to find it, unless you bear all the page numbers of different chapters in mind clearly. Don't worry about it! Kvisoft Flipbook software can help you add bookmarks for all the chapters of flipping ebook easily, so that you can enjoy your reading smoothly.

Check the following step to step tutorial, you'll completely know how to handle the job of adding bookmarks.

For publishers, to add bookmarks that show in output page flipping ebook.

1. Click Bookmarks button on the right side.
2. Click Add button.
3. Double click corresponding area to edit Title name, ralated page number and bookmark color.
4. Use the Insert or Delete button to insert new record or delecte added record.

After published, readers can view pre-set bookmarks after clicking the Bookmark button on toolbar of flipping book.

For readers, to add bookmarks of their own on  flash flipping ebook.

1. Click Bookmark button on navigation bar and you'll see the bookmark operation window.
2. Input the bookmark title name, such as the title of chapter 1.
3. Click Add button to add chapter 1 bookmark, you can view the added bookmark soon in the window. Follow this way, you can set bookmarks for all the chapters of your novel ebook.
4. Preview added bookmark effect: click bookmark title of chapter1, your flash flipping ebook can automatically turn to the beginning page of chapter1.

How to edit and delete added bookmarks?

1.If you added the bookmark on wrong page, you can highlight the wrong bookmark, and click Delete to remove it.
2.If you want to rename added bookmark, please select it and enter the new bookmark name, then click Update to apply the change.

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