How to Add Bookcase to Flipbook

Bookcase is one of the new features of Kvisoft FlipBook Maker Version 4. By using this feature, flipbook authors can display similar ebooks, products, webpage etc beside current flipbook. So readers can easily click the linked items on bookcase to know more related information about your company, products or services. Please follow this tutorial to see how can you add a bookcase beside your flipbook:

How to Add Ebooks to Bookcase?

Once you imported your documents such as PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc into Kvisoft page flip html5 software, the following interface will appear promptly:
1. Go to Settings
2. Open dropdown menu of Button Settings
3. Drag the slider to Bookcase and tick it on
4. Click settings icon, the dialog named bookcase will pop up immediately
5. Click add icon
6. Customize bookcase properties such as Caption, Link, Thumbnail image. Afterwards, please click OK to apply the settings.
If you want to use an online image, please enter the image link; If you want to use local image as the thumbnail, please click to browse the image from your local drive.
By following the same way, you can add more ebooks on the bookcase.
7. Click OK.

Now you can click Bookcase button to preview the ebooks added on bookcase.

For marketers who create flipbook to show product catalogs, this bookcase will be very helpful as it allows you link catalog with product webpage, user guide and other similar information.

How to Modify Added Information of Bookcase?

If you have many flipbooks with the same bookcase information, or if there's something wrong in the added bookcase information, you no longer need to do all the settings in our software again. Instead, you could directly modify the bookcase.xml. Please follow the steps below.
1. Go to the published magazine folder - go to files - go to data - then you will find the bookcase.xml.

2. Modify the bookcase.xml with Notepad, Dreamweaver or etc. Please enter the correct flipbook title, flipbook URL and thumbnail image URL, then save the changes.

3. Please replace the old bookcase.xml with the new one on server.

In case you have many flipbooks with the same bookcase information, you could directly copy the bookcase.xml to this path(published magazine folder - files - data - bookcase.xml), then you can preview the bookcase.

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