Add Background Music into Page Flipping Book

Except the animated page flipping effect, lovely clipart and dynamic template, you definitely can make your flash flipping ebook more attractive with Kvisoft Flip Page Maker, such as insert a melodious song as background music. Wanna try? Please follow the tutorial to design your dreamy musical ebook.

Note: background music is not the same as page sound. Page sound only sounds when you turn to the spedific individual flipbook page.  This feature is only available at Pro version. Here, we talk about background music that can continuously play through the whole book when you’re viewing flipping ebook.

How to add a song into flipping ebook as background music?


  1. Step1: launch Flipbook Maker Pro and import files, and go to Settings tab.
    Step2: Go to Main Settings section.
    Step3: Tick option of Enable Back Sound.
    Step4: Hit button of Music Edit.
    Step5: Add background music from PC and do some audio adjustment as you like.
    Step6: When finished modification, click OK button.
    Step7: Enable Music button on Button Settings section to make Music Button visible on created turning page e-Book.

Immediately, you can preview the designed page flipping ebook. The added background music will automatically play!

How to control background music that you can mute music with ease?

To mute background music, you just need to click the Music button show in output page flipping ebook:

To play background music, you can also click the Music icon .

Follow these steps, you can add your beloved song to page flipping ebook as background music in seconds!

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