How to add background music for slideshow

Slideshow is best way to present photos with animation. Pretty template, stylish effect, dynamic transition and motion, all of these make slideshow outstanding. But there is another important element to make fantastic flash slideshow. What is it? The answer is music. It definitely adds score to slideshow if you combine music to image. How to add background music for slideshow? This tutorial will give you answer by using flash slideshow maker

Please launch Kvisoft Flash Slideshow Designer. After imported photos, please hit Music button
Then the Music window will pop up.

  • Add/Delete music.Please click the music icon to import music on your local computer. Then, there is a list to show added music. This list contains main information of added music, such as music file name, music length, start time and end time. To delete added music, please click the trash bin icon.
  • Order added music. Next to delete music button, there are 2 buttons for moving added music upward or downward. So you could rearrange order of added music.
  • Play/Stop added music. After, you could hit the PLAY button to play added music. By dragging the playback progress bar, it is easy to adjust playing progress. There is a volume controller for adjusting music volume. Near the Play button, it is STOP button for stop playing added music.
  • Clip Music. There are 2 blocks on both ends of playback progress bar. Please drag them to define start time and end time for clipping music. To hear clipped music, please press button of Audition Result. By clicking Stop Audition, it will stop playing clipped music.

Finally, by clicking OK button, all above settings will be saved and background music will be embedded to slideshow. You could see final result on Publish tab by clicking Preview button. And then publish it with that awesome flash slideshow creator. Welcome to see slideshow demos with background music on our website.

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