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Product FAQ

Welcome to the Kvisoft store. Kvisoft products are available with significant volume discounts and special educational pricing.

FlipBook Maker FAQ

Who owns copyright of published flipbook?

You are the only copyright owner of created flipbooks. We, Kvisoft, is just offering you software and service.

What can I do when Registration Failed?

Please send an email to our support team(support#kvisoft.com, please replace # with @) with your order number, then we will generate a new license for you. It's free.

Can I genrate a flipbook in HTML5 format?

Kvisoft FlipBook Maker 4.0.0 or later versions have the ability to publish flipbook in HTML5 format. The previous versions cannot. Users can freely update flipbook maker to V4. When publish flipbooks, please select HTML5 as the format.The HTML5 flipbooks are readable on all types of screens such as PC, Mac, iOS devices, Android devices.

How to load my flipping book to my website?

1.Publish your PDF as SWF file, and then copy and paste the html code to the webpage where you want the flipbook to appear.
2.Upload the output file (SWF file) to the same place with your webpage.

Can I make a soft/hard paper flipping book?

Yes, the setting option is in the  "Book Advansed Setting" form, just to select 'soft paper' or 'hard paper' option. 

How to register Kvisoft Flipbook Maker?

To register Kvisoft Flipbook Maker, you should purchase the software fristly. After purchasing our product, a email with registered email and keycode will be send to you immediately. Just use the email and keycode we send to you to register.

How to try your Kvisfot FlipBook Maker?

To try our Flipbook Maker, please dowload and install it on your computer. And then open the software, click "Continue Trial" button to begin the try process, and your have 30 trial days.

Flash Photo Gallery FAQ

Does Kvisoft Flash Photo Gallery support the Mac OS?

Kvisoft Flash photo gallery is a Windows software only. However, the published files are readable in any browsers from Windows, Mac OS or Linux which supports the lastest Adobe Flash player.

What is the maximum number of photos I can import to Flash gallery tool?

There is no limitation on the number of photos. However, you may have to aware whether your webhosting server have enough space to upload them all.

What is Kvisoft Flash Photo Gallery

Kvisoft Flash Photo Gallery is a great tool which enables you to create professional photo gallery with background music, starting from dozens of stylish templates without the pains of coding. With it, you can make attractive 3D Flash photo album out of your digital photos.