Kvisoft FlipBook Maker Pro      Powerful HTML5 Page Flip Software

Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro is a famous page turning software, specialized in creating Flash & HTML5 page flip magazines, brochures, catalogs etc from various documents: PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, images and more. Users can embed media elements such as text, links, images, video gallery, YouTube, shapes etc to flipping pages to make interactive e magazines. Any computer, iPad, iPhone, Android phone readers can browse the flash&HTML5 page flipping e-magazines online with comfortable reading experience.

Supported OS: Windows 8/7/Vista/2000/XP
30-Day Free Trial
Only: $297

What' new in Page Flip HTML5 Software 4.3.4?

  • Fixed the issue of image fuzzy on mobie devices.
  • Fixed other bugs.

What' new in Page Flip HTML5 Software 4.3.3?

  • Modified the bookmark size of Car template.
  • Changed YouTube video from autoplay to click-to-play.
  • Added a tip about YouTube parameter setting.
  • Optimized the Batch Publish function.
  • Set the firstly-loaded file name as Magazine Name.
  • Fixed the button display issue in preview panel.

What' new in Kvisoft FlipBook Maker Pro 4.3.2?

  • Faster loading speed.
  • Added Loaded Pages option which allows users to set the number of pages to load firstly.
  • Added right-to-left search funtion that supports searching in Arabic and other right-to-left languages (Learn about how to make right-to-left language flipbook content searchable).
  • Mobile version flipbook buttons like tablet of contents, thumbnail, edit, full text and etc can untick to hide.
  • Fixed the issue that 11th and succeeding pages cannot load.
  • Audio/local video on pages can auto play or set click to play.
  • Issue that logo cannot display has fixed.

What' new in FlipBook Maker Pro 4.3.1?

  • Optimized resolution of mobile version flipbook.
  • Fixed some other bugs.

What' new in Flip Book Maker Pro 4.3.0?

  • Optimized YouTube video playing on mobile devices.
  • Modified music playing when enter the page
  • Optimized the showcase of table of contents on mobile devices.
  • Resize bookmark added.
  • Added direct download link in check for update.
  • Optimized two preloaders which cannot load.
  • Fixed the flash error.
  • Closed real-time preview when publishing.
  • Temporarily hided FTP uploader.

What' new in Kvisoft FlipBook Maker Pro 4.2.2?

  • Optimized bookmark.
  • Optimized software setup.
  • Fixed some other bugs.

What' new in Kvisoft FlipBook Maker Pro 4.2.1?

  • Optimized reading experience on mobile phones and tablets.
  • Added elements of shopping icon to Professional version.
  • Fixed some other bugs.

What' new in FlipBook Maker Pro 4.2.0?

  • Modified the showcase of table of contents and bookcase in standalone SWF and executable magazine.
  • Modified the showcase of embedded gallery, video and SWF in standalone SWF and executable EXE magazine.
  • Optimized check for update in software.
  • Add search feature when in right to left mode.
  • Fixed the bug that music on current page cannot stop when page turned to another one.

What' new in FlipBook Maker Pro 4.1.0?

  • Modify and maintain the original size of imported Microsoft Office documents.
  • Optized flipbook uploading.
  • Optimized multilanguage feature.
  • Speed up about 80% in importing and publishing.
  • Optized the image quality in loaded document.
  • Fixed some other bugs.

What' new in FlipBook Maker Pro 4.0.0?

  • Brand-new interface and design.
  • Generate flipbook from more documents: Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
  • Output HTML5 flip book for iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android-powered devices.
  • Make multilingual magazine.
  • Add bookcase to show similar ebooks or information.
  • Simulate phone and Pad preview.
  • Publish as video.
  • Build-in FTP uploader.
  • Project manager for easy project management.
  • Add dynamic text, bubble text, gallery, Flickr images, Vimeo video and shape to flipping pages. Customize properties for each added media element.
  • More beautiful build-in templates
  • A demo was added
  • Link tutorials for easier use.

What' new in FlipBook Maker Pro 3.6.10?

  • Speed up in importing files
  • Reduce the size of generated EXE file
  • Fixed some other bugs.

What' new in FlipBook Maker Pro 3.6.9?

  • Enable Javascript support for text, image and other elements.
  • Display TOOLTIP when set hyperlinks for text and images.
  • Optimized memory.
  • Be fully compatiable with 64-bit Windows 7.
  • Solved the multi-language problem for exe output.
  • Fixed the bug of wrong PDF links while make right to left flipbook.
  • Fixed other bugs.

What' new in FlipBook Maker Pro 3.6.8?

  • Fix the print problem, suppport most browsers
  • Support non-administrator account to run
  • Add digital signature to the output EXE format
  • Fix other bugs

What' new in FlipBook Maker Pro 3.6.6?

  • Fix several bugs

What' new in FlipBook Maker Pro 3.6.5?

  • Add Polish and Spanish Languages
  • Support setting password from specified page
  • Can show all search results
  • Add GA code for index.html
  • Support autoplay for video
  • Fix the link invalid in mobile devices
  • Fix the bug of duplicate table of contents
  • Fix other bugs

What' new in FlipBook Maker Pro 3.6.0?

  • Selecting setup language supported, including English, France, and Italian.
  • Customize all flipbook buttons with preferred language and name
  • Publish created flipbook to ebook or e-magazine of multi-language buttons
  • Language switch is supported in published flipping ebook
  • Add reflection function
  • Setting the width of output SWF flipbook supported
  • Flexible zoom options have been added: mousewheel zoom, double-click zoom, click flipbook buttons to zoom etc
  • Mini mode supported

What' new in FlipBook Maker Pro 3.5.0?

  • Outputting for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, and Android devices) support.
  • Publishing for MAC executable file (APP) support.
  • Provide HTML code when output to HTML files.
  • Edit function for Table of contents has been added.
  • Support pre-setting bookmarks.
  • The thumbnail preview function has been added.
  • The loading speed has be improved.
  • Support setting flipping speed.
  • The bug with invalid PDF url has been fixed.
  • Some other bugs has been fixed.
  • Outputting to screensaver format has been supported.
  • The Tag mode option for bookmark has been added.

What' new in FlipBook Maker Pro 3.0.0?

  • New optimized interface.
  • Support Google Analytcis integration.
  • Input password to unlock encrypted pages.
  • Single/Double Page view.
  • Set the thickness for the flipping book.
  • Set button style.
  • Adjust buttons on toolbar automatically based on container size.
  • Flip pages automatically.
  • View flipbook repeatedly.
  • View page-flipping ebook full screen.
  • Add text to pages and set the formatting for the fonts.
  • Add hyperlinks to pages.
  • Add videos to pages, online Youtube video is also supported.
  • Add SWF and add action to it.
  • Add images and add active to the image.
  • Add hotspot and sound.
  • Add built-in cliparts.
  • Add effects for each page or all pages.
  • Social network sharing enabled.
  • Search on pages function supported.
  • Allow users to download the original PDF files.
  • More powerful template editing features.