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Top 3 Components That Make New Year Ecard Awesome

After 12 hectic months, finally we are meeting the biggest holiday of the year – Christmas. Christmas and new year is great opportunity to say hello and send wishes to friends and families. In the old days, you may bought a cardboard New Year card from a store and then wrote several lines of words on it, then sent the paper-made greeting cards to receivers.

Things changes fast, now it’s easier and more efficient to deliver New Year wishes via digital cards. You can DIY and create delicate and personalized New Year greeting ecards with epublishing programs in minutes, then instantly distribute ecards to bosom friends, beloved relatives, school friends etc to let them know how do you spend Christmas and plan for new year. In this post, I will share several tips for creating a professional new year greeting ecard.

new year greeting ecard

1. Embed several real life photos

Photo must be the best way to show life stories. Traditionally, people can only attach several photos while sending cardboard cards via post office. Now with electronic ecard makers, you can insert digital photographs on any page of ecard. To make the photos looking perfect, you can even insert an animated photo gallery to showcase an array of memorable family shots with use of emagazine creator.

2. Add descriptive text to tell your story

Enrich your digital card with some custom and interesting content such as new year greetings and interesting stories happened during the holidays . This will make the ecard more meaningful and special that it can enhance the relationship between you and the receivers.

3. Insert family movies or video clips

A family video or an interesting online YouTube video can be embedded into your new year greeting ecard to make it sparkling. With the videos, you can share a live show of your family, a humorous joke, an interesting story or etc to warm the receivers’ heart in your own way.

If you haven’t design an ecard, then you’d better speed up as new year 2015 has already arrived on the corner. Wish you a happy new year and enjoy a quality life in 2015!

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