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How to Publish a Digital Christmas Story Book for Kids

Christmas holiday is walking close to us. Kids are most excited on this holiday, and expecting Santa Claus with flying reindeer to deliver Xmas present to their stocking on Christmas Eve. Usually, besides Christmas gifts and commercialism, parents also will buy their children some Christmas books to tell them the meaning of the Xmas holiday, or some fairy tales, for example, the story about Santa Claus and Xmas stocking. Continue reading “How to Publish a Digital Christmas Story Book for Kids” »

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Santa Claus Brings Worldwide People a Merry Christmas

Already enjoyed a quality Christmas Eve last night? Merry Christmas from all Kvisoft staffs! May your Christmas be brimming with warmth, romance, peace and joys, and wish you all be happy as this merry Christmas throughout the New Year 2013.

Merry Christmas Gets Globalized Continue reading “Santa Claus Brings Worldwide People a Merry Christmas” »

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Show Christmas Pictures in a Surprising Way – 3D Page Flip Magazine

Already prepared a camera in order to take photographs for your families and hometown this Christmas? If so, you may want to show your Christmas pictures in an outstanding but special way. Now follow me to see what artistic things you can create from Christmas pictures. Continue reading “Show Christmas Pictures in a Surprising Way – 3D Page Flip Magazine” »

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Why Santa Claus Loves Red and White Suit?

Red-white Santa Claus, golden ribbons, green Christmas trees, sparkling and colorful Christmas lights, glittering white snow and etc, the multicolored bunch becomes a beautiful scene of this holiday season. Christmas is close at hand, and nearly everywhere has been decorated with the portrait of Santa Claus. But do you know why Santa Claus always wears in red and white? Some clues have been shared in this blog entry. Continue reading “Why Santa Claus Loves Red and White Suit?” »

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It’s Your Turn to Send Santa Claus a Gift on Christmas

Are you counting down Christmas? Glowing Christmas trees, happy songs and beautiful decorations, wow, all these things look pretty good! Maybe you’re expecting the gifts of Santa Claus, but do you know who the real Santa Claus is?

Santa Claus is the best friends of every child, who shuttles down the chimney to dispatch toys, candies or other nice gifts to worldwide children. It’s said that Santa Claus drives a reindeer-sleigh to all the houses on Christmas Eve. It’s said that Santa Claus lives in the North Pole with countless elves, and people has celebrated Santa for hundreds of years. Continue reading “It’s Your Turn to Send Santa Claus a Gift on Christmas” »

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What You can do to Rescue Santa Claus on Christmas Eve?

Santa Claus is definitely the busiest one who is transporting Christmas gifts to worldwide children on every Christmas Eve. In order to prepare enough nice and funny presents for kids, Santa Claus lets his North Pole workshop continuously work day and night. Santa is too busy and tired!

What you can do to rescue the old man from tiring work? If we love a person, we may take good care of him/her; if you love Santa Claus, just take time to help father Christmas to design flash-flipping Christmas photo cards for loved ones around you. You’ll rescue Santa a little. Continue reading “What You can do to Rescue Santa Claus on Christmas Eve?” »

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Story about Santa Claus and Xmas Stockings

Long time ago, there was a kind-hearted nobleman who lived with three daughters after his wife died. The nobleman attempted to invent things but all were failed, and all his wealth was wasted also. So the family had to move into a small farmhouse, and his daughters couldnot  but to do cooking, stitching and other things themselves.

Several years later, the girls all arrived to the age of marriage, but their father became more and more depressed because he had no money to purchase dowry for daughters. Continue reading “Story about Santa Claus and Xmas Stockings” »

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Where Is Santa Claus?

Oh where, where is Santa Claus? On every Christmas Eve, it’s said that Santa Claus will come back to this world by reindeer sled and send gifts to kids, but where does father Santa come from? Let’s unveil the secret together!

Santa Claus was living in Lapland, east of Finland. In 1927, Uncle Markus, which was a children’s program presenter, firstly revealed that Santa Claus was living in Korvatunturi of Lapland. People in there detected an ear of Santa Claus which was used to listen to the wishes and expectations of small kids. After all gifts were sent, Santa Claus would return to Finland. From the legend of Scandinavia, you’ll find the interesting history of Santa Claus and his elfish assistants. Continue reading “Where Is Santa Claus?” »

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Santa Claus of Christmas

Santa Claus is the said person who brings stunning gifts to kids on Christmas Eve. It’s a well-known character with legendary and historical aspects. People usually also names Santa Claus as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, or Kris Kringle.

The image of Santa Claus: Generally, Santa Claus is depicted as a kind-hearted man who is a plump, jolly, and wearing long white beard. The typical style of Father Christmas goes with a snow-white cuffed coat and trousers, and also black leather and boots. The image is especially popular in America and Canada. Continue reading “Santa Claus of Christmas” »

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Story about Christmas Traditions

As you see, everyone is busy getting ready for Christmas! So do you know the origins of various Christmas traditions while you are preparing for the big holiday? There are countless Christmas traditions in countries around the world. And they are different from countries to countries. Check the most popular traditions here: Continue reading “Story about Christmas Traditions” »

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