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New Ways to Engage Customers Via Highly Interactive Experience

Take a look at how to embed multimedia elements into digital presentation from our online step-to-step guide, you will get a solution how to make rich media elements showcase in your digital presentations using our flip page HTML5 software. With the richer multimedia solution, Kvisoft enables you create your own interactive and reader-ready promotional or personal digital presentation from static documents – so getting your plain marketing documents a persuasive and attention-grabbing presentation can be done efficiently and simply. Continue reading “New Ways to Engage Customers Via Highly Interactive Experience” »

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Show Product Catalog on a Multilingual Flipbook

Every businessman expects product catalogs can be seen by more people. When customers face multiple choices, certainly a product which is described in native language can firstly arouse their attention. Salesperson who works in a foreign trade corporation must demand a multilingual catalog so that people of different countries can learn your products without difficulty. Continue reading “Show Product Catalog on a Multilingual Flipbook” »

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Create Life-Like Page Flipping Magazine for Online Marketing

If you aim to get more business chances from various online marketing strategies, you can never neglect the power of online publication which is an effective approach to show your products and its great values.

As it refers to online publishing technology, page flipping magazine is definitely a hot buzz. It is widely used by marketers for presenting catalogs, tutorials, samples etc. By publishing page-flipping magazines on web, blog, Facebook and etc, marketers can make the most of social media to drive worldwide audience to purchase online. Continue reading “Create Life-Like Page Flipping Magazine for Online Marketing” »

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Enrich Your Website with Search Engine Friendly Flash E-publications

When you plan to bring your web content to life, you might need to embed some images, flash etc to enrich website content, but worry about that the flash components are not search engine friendly. But now you can get a solution from digital publishing software.

Kvisoft promise you that your 3D flash contents can be easily in indexed by search engines as new scoops. By Kvisoft digital publishing software, you can create flash page flipping e-brochures, e-books, e-magazines, flyers etc with your existing files, including PDF, images and flash videos.

Continue reading “Enrich Your Website with Search Engine Friendly Flash E-publications” »

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Convert Your Wedding Photos into a Page Flipping Magazine

Wedding must be the biggest affair of everyone’s life. You must have photographed some classic moments on your wedding. So what do you want to do with your wedding photos? Don’t lay aside your images; let’s make something fabulous with your photos. Continue reading “Convert Your Wedding Photos into a Page Flipping Magazine” »

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Some Free PDF to Excel Converters

For many occasions, you may need to convert PDF files into Excel, such as sales volume document, price list or company statement. So we listed many totally free PDF to XLS converters hereof.

Free online PDF to Excel: It’s the swiftest way, which you can convert PDF documents for free without downloading any converter from Internet or having to install program on your computer. What you need to do is just selecting the file which you want to convert and opening your mailbox to get the converted file. Continue reading “Some Free PDF to Excel Converters” »

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8 Free PDF Page Flipping Software

Many of us are looking for free/cheap tool or software that can convert PDF documents into a page flipping style ebook. Here I list free online tools and free desktop PDF to Flash flipbook tools for you. Now you have a chance to create it for free with the tools I’ve found for you.

If you need a PDF page flip software with powerful editing features, please take a free try of Kvisoft PDF page flip software.

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