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Top Christmas Songs for Making Christmas Greeting Cards

2012 Christmas is already around here, which means it is also a wonderful season for family gathers, parties, greetings etc. If you are planning to hold a Christmas party or make Christmas greeting cards, you will need some melodious Christmas songs to improve the Xmas scenes. This blog entry will share top 10 classic Christmas songs with you. Continue reading “Top Christmas Songs for Making Christmas Greeting Cards” »

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Show Christmas Pictures in a Surprising Way – 3D Page Flip Magazine

Already prepared a camera in order to take photographs for your families and hometown this Christmas? If so, you may want to show your Christmas pictures in an outstanding but special way. Now follow me to see what artistic things you can create from Christmas pictures. Continue reading “Show Christmas Pictures in a Surprising Way – 3D Page Flip Magazine” »

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Showcase Christmas Story Creatively – Surprising Christmas Gift

With the approach of Christmas, our life is getting more and more busy but happy. We love Christmas, because it has magic power to bring together all family members.

With Christmas tree sparkles along with beautiful lights, the aroma of dishes overflows in the warm atmosphere, happy music Continue reading “Showcase Christmas Story Creatively – Surprising Christmas Gift” »

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What You can do to Rescue Santa Claus on Christmas Eve?

Santa Claus is definitely the busiest one who is transporting Christmas gifts to worldwide children on every Christmas Eve. In order to prepare enough nice and funny presents for kids, Santa Claus lets his North Pole workshop continuously work day and night. Santa is too busy and tired!

What you can do to rescue the old man from tiring work? If we love a person, we may take good care of him/her; if you love Santa Claus, just take time to help father Christmas to design flash-flipping Christmas photo cards for loved ones around you. You’ll rescue Santa a little. Continue reading “What You can do to Rescue Santa Claus on Christmas Eve?” »

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How to Create a Christmas Photo Card by Free Tool?

It’s a season to send gifts to friends, it’s the time to DIY unique Christmas cards for your loved ones, and it’s a holiday to enjoy surprises and joys. It’s a nice feeling when I open email box and find a beautiful Christmas greeting card with friend’s smiling face. So do you wanna DIY some unique cards for friends? Join us and check the detailed tutorial of designing Christmas cards.
Free tool: Smilebox is one of the most famous free card makers which is helpful for people to design animated Christmas cards with private photos, videos or music. It’s easy to DIY a Xmas card with Christmas messages as Smilebox offering about 1000 dynamic and animated templates. It’s totally free!

Tutorial of DIY Christmas photo card: Continue reading “How to Create a Christmas Photo Card by Free Tool?” »

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The Long History of Christmas Card

Christmas comes and makes us busy, but everyone is happy to welcome the busy life. Every annual Christmas, you send Christmas cards to greet friends and relatives, but do you know who created the first Christmas card, what’s the origin of Christmas card?

Very first Christmas card: The old tradition of sending Christmas card originated in Britain in 1843. A man who named Henry Cole and his friend John Horsley who was an artist designed the Christmas card of the world. At the beginning, they sold each Christmas card for one shilling, but at that time, the price was too expensive to poor families. Until 1840 the penny post produced, the common people could afford to Christmas card. After the first card was published, quickly the idea of sending Christmas card was well-received that about 25 thousands of Christmas cards had been sold in the next year. Continue reading “The Long History of Christmas Card” »

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Animated Christmas Photo Card Maker

Sending Christmas card and attaching family photos of past year is one of the popular ways to delivery happiness to friends. Now the songs of Christmas sound everywhere, it’s time to DIY your holiday photo card for friends and little kids. Still get no clues about how to design a captivating Christmas card?

New Christmas should be decorated with new and fresh things; it goes the same for designing a holiday greeting card. In the past years, you may spend a lot time handcrafting a musical Christmas card, three-dimensional card and so forth. But this year, it’s popular to handcraft a flash-flipping and animated holiday greeting card, which looks attractive and dynamic. Continue reading “Animated Christmas Photo Card Maker” »

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4 Free Christmas Card Maker

With the approach of 2011Christmas, sending greeting cards or gifts to friends is more and more popular. Christmas card is definitely a funny and creative way to express your wishes to your beloved ones. We know you’re expecting to bring some surprises and joys to your friends, so why not get clues from the following free tools of designing Christmas Cards?

1.Free Christmas Card Creator: the free card maker  allows you to choose satisfactory fonts, background color, font color, Christmas themed pictures and layouts, while you can add message and lovely expressions. Besides, there’re animated pictures for you to choose. This online Christmas card maker is free and easy to use. Share URL: http://bit.ly/rInZmx. Continue reading “4 Free Christmas Card Maker” »

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Story about Christmas Traditions

As you see, everyone is busy getting ready for Christmas! So do you know the origins of various Christmas traditions while you are preparing for the big holiday? There are countless Christmas traditions in countries around the world. And they are different from countries to countries. Check the most popular traditions here: Continue reading “Story about Christmas Traditions” »

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