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How to Set Zoom Factor for Output Flash Flipbook?

After converted PDF documents to flash flipbook, some friends may found that the tiny and small fonts on flippable pages are hard to see clearly. So you might want to zoom in or zoom out the flipbook content freely on iPad, iPhone or ereaders to ensure more comfortable reading, in case like this, the Kvisoft turning page software will provide you an easy way to create zoomable flipbooks, and the professional flipbook tool also allows you to define zoom factor to control zoom in or zoom out level to meet your needs.

How to set zoom factor for created flash flipbook?

Go to Design-> Click Advanced Setting on bottom left->Turn to Other Settings, then you can navigate to the Zoom column just like the picture shows->Come to Zoom Step and enter the zoom factor ( separate with comma, for example: 1.5,2,2.5,3) ->Click  button to apply the zoom factor settings.

Afterwards, you can preview the settings on right panel: if you click the Zoom In button for the first time, the flipbook can be amplified to 1.5 times; if you click Zoom In button again, then the flipbook can be enlarged to 2 times… Click Zoom Out button, the flipbook will also shrink accordingly.

It is also available to customize the zoom style in Kvisoft flipbook software, such as Use mousewheel to zoom, Double click to zoom, or use zoom in and zoom out buttons to control zoom and much more zoom features.

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