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Where Is Santa Claus?

Oh where, where is Santa Claus? On every Christmas Eve, it’s said that Santa Claus will come back to this world by reindeer sled and send gifts to kids, but where does father Santa come from? Let’s unveil the secret together!

Santa Claus was living in Lapland, east of Finland. In 1927, Uncle Markus, which was a children’s program presenter, firstly revealed that Santa Claus was living in Korvatunturi of Lapland. People in there detected an ear of Santa Claus which was used to listen to the wishes and expectations of small kids. After all gifts were sent, Santa Claus would return to Finland. From the legend of Scandinavia, you’ll find the interesting history of Santa Claus and his elfish assistants.

Santa Claus was living in Napapiiri, North Pole. Since 1950, Santa Claus is happily living in Napapiiri. Except Christmas, Santa Claus also communicates with children and youngsters. More and more people visit father Santa at fixed periods. In 1985, Santa Claus built his workshop which Santa stays in everyday to listen for Christmas wishes and contact with kids. Santa Claus’s House is the main post office of Santa which is responsible for receiving letters.
Referring to Father Christmas’s House, the most authentic place is Lapland which is locating on the Arctic Circle. It’s a beautiful place where there are sapphire sky and lakes, green forest and lovely squirrels. A dream place in countless kids’ thought!

Personally speaking, Santa Claus is living at everyone’s heart!
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